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Cult of Yex Saga Part II: Prophecies of Old – Update

We are very close to publishing Part 2 and 3 of the Cult of Yex Saga.  Both parts are completely written and out to Beta Readers.

We have received feedback from our Beta Readers on Part 2 and are in the final stages of making some edits. Then it will go to final proof-reading and then it will be out.  We expect it will be out sometime in Mid April.  With any luck, part 3 will follow and be out in late May.

We just released Part 1 in print, and have the audio version in final production stages.  Part 1 will be available in audio format before the end of March 2015. We plan on releasing every book in electronic, print and audio formats.

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Cult of Yex Part I: Second Cataclysm is Now in Print!

Hot off the presses, you can not get the first part of the Cult of Yex Saga in print format:

You can get it here:


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