III: Bystle Vale

Book Three of the Cult of Yex Saga

Part-3-Bystle-Vale-FrontNothing could have prepared Cael and his friends for bleak state of the Bystle Vale. What should have been a simple exchange of timeworn tokens for the Bystle Moss, a magical restorative guarded by the vale’s reclusive inhabitants, has become a morass. King Tharchelon’s descent into madness has precipitated a brutal civil war that threatens their quest to recover the moss and defeat the Cult of Yex.

When Cael learns of Tharchelon’s secret shame, he discovers that the King has weakened dimensional barrier holding back a horde of tormented spirits. Cael and his companions uncover the terrible history of the vale back to the days of the ancient cult as they fight to obtain the moss. In order to defeat Tharchelon and escape with the moss, Cael must confront the very demons of his past.

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