About the Authors

Jason F. Smith & C. Parker Garlitz have been working together to create the Cult of Yex Saga since May of 2001. The authors grew up together and have been interested in all aspects of the fantasy genre. The authors have been avid table top gamers and have played every variety of game together from role playing games, to board games to collectible card games. They competed together and won D&D Open Tournament in 1987 and have have won the Nascrag Tournament twice in the 2000’s.

Author Bios:             C. Parker Garlitz         Jason F. Smith




Ben “Mook Farchings” Larsen, Jason Smith & Parker Garlitz. Leaving for GenCon in August of 1987. We won the D&D Open Tournament that year. (Damn hell, you say you won it?!)

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