Book 4 Update

Hey there Cultists! Just a quick update on Book 4. Jase and I are working daily on the detail level outline of books 4 through 9 right now, which will probably take us another 2 or 3 months to complete. At that point, we expect the writing to go fairly fast, so we are hoping to get book 4 out by Christmas time and 2017 should be a very productive year with 2 or 3 books released that year.  At least that’s the plan.

We are super thrilled with the comments and feedback we are so grateful that you have decide to read our stuff. We are very excited about what we have so far on the next several books, and feel like they will be even stronger than the first three.

If you’ve liked what you’ve read, we’d be in your debt if you left us a review (Amazon, goodreads, audible, et. al.) and tell a friend about us.

And if we can get all political on you, it’s time for our official endorsement:


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Get Cult of Yex Saga – Book I: Second Cataclysm for FREE

Free eBook giveaway for readers that would like to start reading the Cult of Yex Saga. Just go here and request the free book.  You’ll get an email with a link to download the book in either kindle or PDF format. You’ll also get instructions on how to load the ebook version on your reader, so no worries.

Part1-SecondCataclysm-Front-Cover-Very-Low-RezAbout: The words of the fourth prophecy echoed in Cael’s mind as he stood on the edge of the sinkhole, looking down into the smoky abyss. Not only had he witnessed his own parents murdered by an assassin from a supposedly long-dead demonic cult, but his beloved home town had been ripped apart by the massive earthquake. The ancient revelation was being fulfilled with terrifying precision.

Now, in a desperate race against the secretive cult, Cael must lead his friends in the relentless struggle. In order to save himself, his friends and even his world, Cael must discover that the true battle is not simply against the cult that assassinated his parents, but something much bigger…

Get your free eBook


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Yex’ favorite holiday…


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Three Books in 3 Formats

TrilogyWe’re glad to announce that the first three books of the Cult of Yex Saga are now available on amazon in three formats, Kindle, Print and Audiobook.  Getting these books out in all three formats was a real chore, but we are thrilled that the books are getting such great reviews on all formats. We invite you to give the series a read.

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Cult of Yex Saga Part II: Prophecies of Old – Update

We are very close to publishing Part 2 and 3 of the Cult of Yex Saga.  Both parts are completely written and out to Beta Readers.

We have received feedback from our Beta Readers on Part 2 and are in the final stages of making some edits. Then it will go to final proof-reading and then it will be out.  We expect it will be out sometime in Mid April.  With any luck, part 3 will follow and be out in late May.

We just released Part 1 in print, and have the audio version in final production stages.  Part 1 will be available in audio format before the end of March 2015. We plan on releasing every book in electronic, print and audio formats.

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Cult of Yex Part I: Second Cataclysm is Now in Print!

Hot off the presses, you can not get the first part of the Cult of Yex Saga in print format:

You can get it here: http://www.amazon.com/Cult-Yex-Saga-Part-Cataclysm/dp/0986258210


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eBook Edition FREE until January 30

Two days left to get the ebook edition Cult of Yex Saga Book I: Second Cataclysm for free.

You can get it here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QMIH5UC

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Book II: Prophecies of Old Update

The 2nd book of the Cult of Yex Saga is officially out of the alpha stage and is now out to beta readers! We hope to have it live and available in Early March.  We hope Book III: Bystle Vale will follow by May.  It is already written and we are in the process of our final edit and read through before sending out to beta readers.

If you’d like to be considered as a beta reader, use the contact form here: https://cultofyex.com/about-the-authors/author-bio-c-parker-garlitz/

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Cult of Yex – Second Cataclysm

The first book in our series has now been published and is available on Amazon.



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