C. Parker Garlitz

elroyC. Parker Garlitz: I grew up in El Paso, Texas and moved to Midway, Utah when I was in 8th grade where I met Jase. I love the fantasy genre, especially the work of Glen Cook.  I absolutely love the sparse way that Glen tells the story in the Black Company Series. I may be in the minority with fantasy readers, but I get frustrated with stories that are over-burdened by too much description and symptoms world builder’s disease. Glen swings the pendulum all the way in the other direction, requiring my imaginative input to fill in the gaps. That influence helps me to want to find the Goldilocks middle ground. When I’m not writing, I make a living in small business, as I have since I was 21. I’d love to give reality the heave-ho and make a living as a full time fantasy author. I like to think of myself as 14th Level Nerd / 9th Level Small Business Owner. I really need to add more levels of Nerd. I currently live in Mapleton, Utah with my wonderful wife and 3 children.

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