II: Prophecies of Old

Book One of the Cult of Yex Saga

Part-2---Prophecies-of-Old-Cover-FrontCael looked up into the dead eyes of Elija Abel and screamed. The cult’s ancient assassin should have died thousands of years ago! His very presence was impossible. After fleeing the devastation of the earthquake, the journey upriver should have been a welcome respite for Cael and his friends, but the terrifying killer hunts them at every turn. Elija, a creature preserved through the ages by the cult’s foul necromancy, was proof that the Cult of Yex had survived all these eons, in an undeath of their own.

Cael must push himself and his companions past their limits to evade their ghastly pursuer and recover the hidden tokens that he and his companions must find to thwart the Cult. Complicating matters is the fact that one of his friends has become infected with lycanthropy from a wererat’s bite. Succeeding in their quest is all the more impossible as they journey to the Bystle Vale and their inevitable confrontation with the full moon, and the King of the Vale himself.

Available in eBook, Print & Audiobook.

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