Official Cult of Yex Blog Launch Post

Snowy day outside and I should be focused on punching up Chapter 40 of Bystle Vale, but I’ve had a few emails with Jeremy McHugh, the cover artist for our first novel. He sent the first sketch of the cover which is here:

BV-CoverVry Nise!

Anyway I decided to go ahead and start getting the official Cult of Yex Saga website setup instead.  I’d have to get it done at some point, so today is the day.

Jason and I have the entire novel written to at least a first draft stage.  Probably half of the chapters are basically “in the can” as we call it, and the remainder are being punched up and refined. We are hopeful to have a final draft of Bystle Vale ready for final editing something in the first quarter of 2014.

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